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NordVPN Netflix – Does NordVPN unblock Netflix?

November 27, 2019
Nordvpn netflix image

Does NordVPN unblock Netflix?

You are no doubt reading this article because you want to know whether NordVPN will unblock Netflix. 

If you don’t want to read further the answer is YES!

One of the most common use cases for NordVPN is Netflix, so we thought we’d answer that for you upfront. We get it, you’ve got Netflix and you want to access shows only available in another country, The Office for example but you get this as you’re not located in the US…

screen with netflix error

Using NordVPN with Netflix…Magic!

screen with netflix nordvpn

They do work very well together so you can say goodbye to that annoying ‘Whoops, something went wrong…’ and enjoy a full Netflix experience.

NordVPN Netflix countries

 The paring of these two is the combination you’ll need if you want to watch the US Netflix and also works equally well if you want to access Netflix content in Germany, UK, France, Italy, Canada & Japan. 

As NordVPN has a SmartPlay service, which is an encrypted Smart DNS NordVPN Netflix  work great together. The SmarPlay service not only unblocks Netflix it will also unlock the likes of Hulu, iTV, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, and ~150+ other streaming services so a new world of content awaits you.

If you want to access content only available on Netflix in a certain country, it’s simply a matter of choosing to appear from a server in that country and you’ll get the local Netflix offering, nice and easy right?


Netflix supported devices

netflix on tablet

They support a bunch of devices so you can be sure the coverage extends from your laptop to your smart phone and smart TV.

NordVPN Pricing

nordvpn pricing chart

If you want to get full and unrestricted Netflix access, then Nord is really quite an affordable solution which will give you access to the entire worldwide Netflix content library. Pricing starts off at 3.45/month if you get the 3 year plan which we’d recommend as that’s the best value by far. NordVPN are an excellent VPN provider absolute worst case there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to loose.

Other Netflix compatible VPNs

If you want to try another worthwhile Netflix compatible VPN, you might want to give ExpressVPN a go, it’s more expensive than Nord but might be worth it for you.

NordVPN Netflix - Overall

Overall we have to say that NordVPN works a charm with Netflix and is the fastest VPN we have tested with Netflix. It unblocks all the content you could ever devour. Go ahead and give NordVPN a go, your Netflix is about to get upgraded!


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